#1 Billy’s Band – RUSSIA

8 Jul

Silly Woman – Billy’s Band

Billy’s Band hails from the museum like city of St. Petersburg where the band started out as mere musical joke for friends.

The band quickly became well known in the local bar scene with their uncanny ability to cover Tom Waits tunes and their bizarre and often violent renditions of Russian pop songs.

The band members refer to their style as Funeral Dixieland with an Infinite Happy End.

The song, Silly Women, was recorded during a four-week tour to Paris at a cheap recording studio.  The band paid for the session by selling a television set they where given for playing a local festival.

Frontman Vadim “Billy” Novik says of their first and only album to date, entitled “Paris Sessions, “My songs on the album are about nostalgia, an unfulfilled dream; they refer to the times I lived in Kupchino [in the south of the city], to my cheerless life there.”

Although many of the songs reflect a darker time, Billy’s Band performs with a quirky energy that translates right through to their recordings. “Silly Women” is no exception.

Official Homepage of Billy’s Band.


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