#6 Ramata Diakite – MALI

30 Jul

Aye Yafama – Ramata Diakite

Ramata Diakite was born in the landlocked West African country of Mali. Regarded as one of the most talented singers from the Wassulu region, Ramata’s music made it international when she went on tour with Taj Mahal in 1999.

Ramata’s style is a flirtation between Wassulu traditional music and Blues. She marked a generation by her boldness to sing about the challenges facing African women as well as being a strong ambassador for her culture.

“A soulful, standout singer in a nation of standout singers, Ramata is now poised to share her path-breaking music with a worldwide audience. – Excerpted from Banning Eyre’s write-up of Ramata on Afropop.org


One Response to “#6 Ramata Diakite – MALI”

  1. Jamie July 31, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Gorgeous. Malian music is so rich and we are so lucky that so many artists are able to tour to the United States lately. I will keep an eye and ear out for Ramata.

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