#7 Luisa Maita – BRAZIL

3 Aug

Lero Lero – Luisa Maita

Luisa Maita has been skirting the fringes of international stardom the past few weeks so I wanted to get to this once hidden treasure before her inevitable fame.

Luisa Maita comes from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, a bustling urban city that inspired the songs on her debut album, Lero Lero. Raised in a working class neighborhood consisting mainly of Italian and Arab immigrants (She is of European, Jewish, and Syrian Muslim heritage) Luisa found the people around her filled with great personality and musical ability.

When asked about her album Luisa said, “Its inspiration comes from the urban life of São Paulo, its ghettos and its people…The lyrics and the aura of the album focus on the peculiarities of Brazilian daily life, culture and human condition.”

Luisa Maita review on National Public Radio.

Luisa Maita Homepage


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