# 12 Rango – EGYPT

1 Feb

Rango – Holeela

Today the people of Egypt are marching in solidarity against the foul authoritarian rule of the US-backed Mubarak regime.

This is the 8th day of protests and is being dubbed, the March of Millions, as immense numbers of Egyptians stream into Cairo to present their strength to the military and to the world.

Inspired by these events I have chosen to highlight the Egyptian-Sudanese band, Rango. The band plays a spiritual music called Zar, first introduced into Egypt in the 1820’s by Sudanese slaves.

Egyptian Zar is a music of healing born of hardship and struggle. As protesters take to the streets of Cairo it’s important to remember the rich revolutionary history of the region. To recall that the pyramids where built by slaves and Zar was sung by slaves, but that these people liberated themselves from pharaohs and crooked nationalists . Today the people of Egypt, who once stood in the shadow of dictators, are now in power and have the opportunity to shape their future.


One Response to “# 12 Rango – EGYPT”

  1. Jamie February 3, 2011 at 3:52 am #

    Welcome back! I missed the sweet tunes. Nice pick for this one.

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